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Version1.5 Content ratingEveryone
Updated onMar 2, 2023 In-app purchases$0.99 – $39.99 per item
Requires Android5.0 and up Released onMar 15, 2022
Downloads10,000+ downloads Offered byApplax Pte. Ltd.

🌎 Can you find the country from its layout or flag? Try Globle Earthle! Learn geography and countries! 🌎
Earthle is a geographical Wordle and Globle geography game. All you have to do is guess the country by its shape. Test your knowledge and learn about countries, flags, and more!
Guess the WORLDLE country in six tries! Earthle is the perfect word & puzzle game to train your geography skills while having fun for free.
Geoguessr, Seterra, Sporcle are great game but “Earthle” is the next thing for geography lovers and offers an educational experience for world globle gamers alike.

Worldle : Globle Geography Map1

Like in Geoguessr, an online geography game, you try to find the country. Instead of using Google Street View location, you guess the country from its shape in this word game.
With every guess, daily word based on an outline of a country or flag, receive a direction and distance in Earthle which you have six chances to guess a daily word or country.
With a daily country to guess, you have six chances to identify each location correctly. But Earthle is more than just a game – it’s a community of globle worldle players from around the world. Players can compete with each other on the global rankings or challenge their friends to beat their scores.
Are you a geography and puzzle game nerd? Earthle is a Free Worldle for Countries similar to geoguess (geo challenge) word quiz & puzzle & trivia & geoguesser!

Worldle : Globle Geography Map2

With word game similar to popular geography games like Seterra and Geoguesser, Worldle challenges players to identify countries based on their shapes or flags. But that’s not all – with every guess, get a direction and distance, allowing them to hone their geography skills and learn about different countries, and flags world map.
When you make your first country guess on Earth, the game tells you how close your guess is in distance and shows the direction in the compass to make your guess.

Worldle : Globle Geography Map3

Every day, there is a new daily word, Globle Country, to guess like in geoguesser word game! Your goal is to guess the country using the distance and direction. During the game, you will receive get a direction to go (north, south, west, east, etc.) and the distance after your guess for the world map.
With the daily game, and a range of game types to choose from, including Wordle and Heardle, Wordle is the perfect game for geography.
If you enjoy puzzle game, Geoguesser Scrabble, crosswords, Wordly, Wordling, Globle, Jeopardy, or just about any word game, you will enjoy Earthle geography game!

Worldle : Globle Geography Map4

Find countries and compare your score globally with other players around the world or with your friends!
Train your geography with this word game, learn about countries, capitals, and world map, and with Earthle! Download Earthle – Worldle for Countries now!

Worldle : Globle Geography Map5

So if you’re looking for a fun and educational way to train your geography game, look no further than Earthle – the ultimate geography game! Download now and join the global community of geography enthusiasts.

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