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Requires Android5.0 and up Released onOct 8, 2021
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MarketCapOf is one of the world’s most widely used tools for comparing two cryptocurrencies.

MarketCapOf - Crypto Price Sim1

The simple but powerful app will help you to:

  • 🎨 Visualize a reasonable price of one crypto using the market cap of another crypto
  • 👀 Compare statistics such as: market cap, circulating supply, rank and much more.
  • 📊 Easily view a coin’s price history using the simplistic graph
MarketCapOf - Crypto Price Sim2

Why should I use this tool?
You often see crazy predictions about cryptocurrencies. MarketCapOf has a huge list of supported cryptocurrencies for you to choose from.
The tool helps you calculate what price a crypto would have if it had the same market cap as another crypto.
When you compare through MarketCapOf’s tool, it’s incredibly easy to see if a cryptocurrency is undervalued or overvalued.
An example: if the DogeCoin price is at $0.216 and had the same market cap as Bitcoin ($915,152,527,636) then the price of a DogeCoin would have been approximately at $6.88. There is an upside of 31.58x in other words.

MarketCapOf - Crypto Price Sim3

How do I use it?
1️⃣ First select the cryptocurrency “A” – the one that you want to see the new potential price of.
2️⃣ Then choose cryptocurrency “B” – the one that crypto “A” will get its new market cap from.
✅ Enjoy the presentation of the “new” price of your crypto “A”.

MarketCapOf - Crypto Price Sim4

But wait, what is market cap?
Market cap (capitalization) is an indicator that measures the value of a cryptocurrency.
The price of a coin multiplied by its circulating supply gives you the market cap.
Too long, didn’t read
Compare crypto market cap and let MarketCapOf calculate what your favorite crypto would be worth with the market cap of e.g. Solana. This is the most simple tool for calculations through market cap and which also shows and compares detailed statistics of a chosen coin.
MarketCapOf – Show the value of A with the market cap of B

MarketCapOf - Crypto Price Sim5

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