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Why are my images saved in Fouad WhatsApp not showing in the gallery?

Recently, we have noticed that many people are wondering why the images I’ve saved in Fouad WhatsApp don’t show up in the gallery. If you are also experiencing this problem, don’t worry, dear. We’ve figured out what’s causing this problem for you, and we’ve come up with several solutions for you.

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At the moment, we have analysed five reasons for this.

  • The media visibility feature of Fouad WhatsApp is not enabled.
  • Fouad WhatsApp’s gallery is hidden in the photo album on your Android device
  • Google Albums is used as your default gallery
  • The Fouad WhatsApp APK version is out of date
  • Android phone is running out of space

We have also provided you with several solutions to the above five causes. If you don’t know much about it, you can read on.

How can I fix it?

  • Enable the Media Visibility feature on Fouad WhatsApp. To do this you need to click on Settings > Chat
  • Search for “Fouad WhatsApp” in your Android device’s photo album and set it to be visible
  • Set the Fouad WhatsApp images to a separate folder. File Manager > Storage > Fouad WhatsApp > Media. Long press on the image folder to move it out.
  • Clear Fouad WhatsApp cache and junk from your Android device
  • Update Fouad WhatsApp. you can find Fouad WhatsApp latest version with us here

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