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Version3.2.2 Content ratingRated for 3+
Updated onMar 8, 2022 PermissionsView details
Requires Android4.1 and upInteractive elementsIn-Game Purchases
Downloads500,000+ downloads Released onAug 19, 2017
In-app purchases¥100 – ¥440 per item Offered byPredator Games

Do you want to rule the world of hackers? Study courses and carry out massive DDoS attacks! Fulfill various orders, increase your rating, and get bitcoins for it! Get rid of all suspicions by restoring your anonymity at your regular job!

Hacker Simulator1

Create viruses and try to infect all computers in the world! Developing them unnoticed by antivirus companies, or walking along the edge, betting on rapid distribution? Choose what you like best!
All your actions in the game are described by many different text situations that will not let you get bored for a long time!

Hacker Simulator2

Hacking smartphones or intercepting cookies is up to you. But be aware, too low anonymity will have a negative impact on your hacker rating!
Do you want to speed up the progress of the game or get a bonus to the bitcoins you earn? Improve your startup! Four branches of development will help you to significantly increase your advantage in the game. You can also improve your bitcoin farm to increase the profit in the game!

Hacker Simulator3

The game has many different storylines. Complete all storylines to immerse yourself in the world of hackers and geeks!
Are you still reading the description for the game? Your rivals are already setting new records! Reach the top of the leaderboard and become world famous The lord of hackers!

Hacker Simulator4

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