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GBWhatsApp download is suitable for all smartphones, you can use multiple accounts, send large file videos, change the theme of multiple styles, hide the scale you see, and it is very feature rich.

Download GBWhatsApp

Since GBWhatsApp is developed on WhatsApp, it belongs to a third-party Apk, so you cannot find GBWhatsApp MOD version on Google Play.

So you need to download it from this site and install it manually. If you don’t know how to install GB WhatsApp on your Android, you can follow this installation guide.

The latest download link is below, click to download.

Installation Guide

To install an APK file into the operating system of your Android, you may need to turn on the ‘Unknown sources’, located in settings>security>unknown sources. 

After the installation is complete, register and log in. Now you can experience GBWhatsApp.


There are many different versions of Whatsapp, such as FM WhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp Because of these rich features, it is by far the best version.

Below I describe some of the most prominent features of GBWhatsApp that you are sure to love. I’m sure you’ll love them too, because they make your messaging fun and you can make the most of your time.

Auto Reply:

The Auto Reply feature allows users to send automatic messages to friends without knowing the user in advance, it is one of the best features available in GB WhatsApp.

Do Not Disturb:

The Do Not Disturb feature allows you to disable only WhatsApp’s internet service to ensure that you will be interrupted when new messages arrive.

SMS Broadcasting:

Easily send broadcast text messages across multiple groups with just a few taps.

Filter messages:

Sometimes you want to filter messages you no longer need, or you want to find some specific messages that are helpful.

Anti-Revocation Messages:

The Anti-Revocation feature allows you to get rid of WhatsApp bans they have imposed on accounts they deem suspicious

Share Live Location:

GB WhatsApp 2022 allows you to share live location with your friends so they can reach wherever you are.

Send maximum pictures:

As we all know, WhatsApp sets a lot of limits, but with GB WhatsApp, you can send more than 100 pictures at a time.

Send large audio/video:

Audio and video are limited in the official version, but with WhatsApp GB you can send video over 50MB and audio over 100MB.

Endless Themes:

To get the most out of the app, you can use any of the themes from its theme library, which makes it a lot of fun.

Amazing Fonts:

You can change fonts at any time without worrying about the same boring fonts.

Message History:

View your received message history at any time.

Popup Notifications:

Unlike WhatsApp Messenger, you can get popup notifications for chats in the latest GB WhatsApp Apk.

Application Information

Application NameGBWhatsApp
Program size52.2MB
Root RequirementNon Root
Latest updateOne day ago

Common problem

I’ve collected some of my friends’ questions, and I’ll solve them for you next.

Q : What is gbwhatsapp latest version ?

A : His latest version in 2022 is V9.30, and there is a download link on this page.

Q : What is gbwhatsapp and fmwhatsapp ?

A : Both of them are chat software developed on WhtasApp. Both of them have many functions, and they are both free and safe.

Q : Will my account be banned for using GBwhatsapp?

A : No, our download links are anti-ban, so you can use them with confidence.

Q : What do we need to install GBwhatsapp APK application ?

A : You need to prepare an Android phone with version 5.0 or above, in addition, be sure to connect to the Internet.

Q : Will downloading 3rd party Whatsapp affect it ?

A : We make sure that the app will work properly and will not give you any glitches, it does not contain viruses, it does not contain malware, it is a very safe and convenient download link.

Q : Why is gbwhatsapp not safe ?

A : Because it is developed on the basis of Whatsapp, it belongs to third-party software, and some other third-party software contains a lot of advertisements and viruses.
So many people think that third-party software is not good. However, we guarantee that the download links on this page are safe and ad-free.

gbwhatsapp for pc
gbwhatsapp for pc

The above is the whole content of this time. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me, or leave a message in the comment area below, and we will discuss and solve it together.

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Which is latest version of YOwhatsapp?

YOWA is developed on the basis of WA and belongs to a third-party WA, it cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store. But you can click the button below to download, it is safe and virus-free.

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