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Version6.4.3 Content ratingRated for 16+ • Sex
Updated onMar 27, 2023 PermissionsView details
Requires Android4.4 and up Interactive elementsIn-Game Purchases
Downloads10,000,000+ downloads Released onSep 17, 2017
In-app purchases¥110 – ¥17,400 per item Offered byCrazy Maple Studio Dev

Choose your story with Chapters, the interactive story game that lets you choose your path in every story. Read through pages and pages of fun interactive stories that fit your mood, from romance to suspense!
Choose your story from our top collection of romance, contract marriage, second chance, dragon king, pirates, alpha wolf, isekai, reality TV, reverse harem, sci-fi, comedy, and drama series! Chapters combines a unique style of choose your own story gameplay with fiction stories from our top authors that you simply can’t put down!

Chapters: Interactive Stories1

YOU get to make the choices in each story. Decide on hard life choices such as falling in love, discovering secrets, or unravelling deep mysteries! Make your choices wisely; every ending is different!

Chapters: Interactive Stories2

Chapters Features:

  • Choose your story! Dive in and start making choices that will change your story’s outcome!
  • Adventures start with you choosing your name and style to reflect your unique personality.
  • All stories come with info directly from the author!
  • Get creative and publish your own interactive stories:
Chapters: Interactive Stories3

Our exclusive collection of choose YOUR story games include:
A new, hit orginial story written for Chapters – the one that everyone’s talking about! I am the Dragon King’s Slave Mate
You — a human — have a secret mark and have been claimed forever as a dragon’s mate. And not just any dragon… the Dragon King. A man whose dark beauty and lethal power are only whispered about. Will this mark mean your end? Or will it unlock a secret that could change everything?
Join us for a thrilling ride in Big Bad Husband, Please Wake Up! Now adapted into a LIVE ACTION mini series with the same name!

Chapters: Interactive Stories4

You are forced to marry bigshot billionaire Wayne Lyons in order to save your father’s life. For the hefty price of five million dollars, you sold yourself into the Lyons family with the promise of delivering an heir. There’s just one catch… Wayne Lyons is in a coma!

Chapters: Interactive Stories5

What will you do next?!
Chapters: Interactive Stories will bring a unique and fun twist to choose your own story adventures. Whether you’re an avid reader of drama, comedy, contract marriage, second chance, dragon king, pirates, alpha wolf, isekai, reality TV dating, reverse harem, sci-fi, romance, or even a gamer, you’ll love making choices in this interactive story game!

Download Chapters today to discover the unforgettable stories where YOU get to make the crucial choices.
Please note that Chapters: Interactive Stories is an online game that requires an internet connection to play.

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